Step 1
Apply under-eye patches prior to application.
Image courtesy of Novalash.
Step 2
Select individual lashes. We use 4 different curls, 3 different lengths and 3 different thickness.
Image courtesy of Novalash.
Step 3
Correct angle for accurate application.
Image courtesy of Novalash.
Step 4
Coat the extension lash with glue.
Image courtesy of Novalash.
Step 5
Separate natural lash prior to coating with glue on the extension lash, while adjusting for correct set angle.
Image courtesy of Novalash.
Step 6
Set the extension at about 1mm away from the eyelid. The adhesive never glued to the skin.
Image courtesy of Novalash.
Step 7
Quality control. Separate any clustered lashes.
Image courtesy of Novalash.
Step 8
Final misting with distilled water & drying, to ensure your newly bonded lashes cured properly.
Image courtesy of Novalash.

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Our Services

Manicure & Pedicure

Coming soon.

We are preparing to accommodate this service in near future. 

Eyelash Extension

This american style eyelash extension uses 3-length bonding and places them according to your real lash growth phase. The result is thicker and fluffy eyelash extension that look like you are born with it.

Professional make up service for bridal, celebration, wedding, party or fashion makeup.

Make up by Yuli Lilac.

Make up Art


Everlash Lash Expert is a premier eyelash extension boutique in South Jakarta. We are the pioneer of Novalash® products in Jakarta. Our professionally trained eyelash technicians will personalize and apply the design of your eyelash extension to best complement your individual looks. Not only do we place the greatest emphasis on your lashes' aesthetics but we also also take utmost pride in caring for its health.

Why NovaLash®?

Synthetic lash is lightweight, durable and allergen-free. The elasticity stays well even after shower and sauna.


100% synthetic


Voted #1

Simply one of the best product for eyelash extension and the brand that won most award for years.



Novalash adhesive is totally skin-cancer free and FDA approved medical grade glue. Will not cause your real lashes to suffer.

Step by step Application

January 24, 2016

Incoming February promotion

We will announce our incoming February promotion soon. Stay tuned!


At @everlash_lash_expert we strive to provide you with the best comfort possible during your treatment💞 so our lash beds are equipped with the softest cotton sheets and King Koil Satin blanket to pamper your short but sweet slumber 😉

December 22, 2015

Buy 1 Get 1 Soft Launch Promo

We Are Accepting Appointments As Of Today for our Soft Opening Promo! 💞 
Take advantage of this deal and Try our Premium Novalash Extensions to feel the difference! 💖


Get your complimentary refill on your second application!. Terms & Conditions apply.

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Everlash shares the joy of Novalash eyelash extension to Jakarta. Our trained lash technicians will ensure such premium product applied flawlessly.

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